Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Minimum Daily Requirements

Back in the good ole days of St. Mary School, we SMFs had minimum daily requirements for each student each day. We were an eight class school with eight rooms. Quite a step above the one room school house painted red with a single pot-belly stove; but then again, not too much more sophisticated either. It was a lovely but basic brick building that served its purpose with each corner, nook and cranny utilized in service to a parochial education.

As devoted students, we were sent out every day by our parents with the necessary tools in hand for success. I’m not just talking about our homework and a good bye kiss at the door but the mandatory minimum daily requirements for a perfect day. These included lunch in a brown bag or in your favorite lunchbox with milk money, a placemat to cover your desk for lunch, book covers on every book for daily inspection and a book bag to carry the books in to and from school.

When we talk about ‘back to basics’ these were our basics. These were the items needed for our daily routine and they were mandatory. Our desks were protected from abrasions, fingerprints and pens gone awry during our Palmer Method writing exercises by our necessary placemat.  Lunches had to be brought from home as there was no cafeteria as in the larger schools. Milk money was placed on the corner of the desk awaiting its exchange each noon. We politely filed to the front of the class each day to purchase our carton of milk. Books had daily inspections as well for rips, tears and book covers. We had to be considerate of these gifts of knowledge, not just for ourselves, but the next year’s students as well. To protect these books further, they had to be in a book bag. It was our obligation to see that all these rules and routines were implemented. Any infractions meant a note went home to your parents. This was a lot of responsibility for young students.

Difficult lessons and training for us perhaps, but it gave us an appreciation at a young age for the books that our parents purchased and the school property so lovingly supported by our parish. With these lessons was the understanding of continuity from one class to the next. These lessons would hopefully transfer from one generation to the next in our future as we carried the memories through our lives.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Thank You again, Sue

A big ‘thanks’ to Sue for hosting yet another wonderful gathering this past weekend. Our Mardi Gras menu was fantastic as usual as was the Murder Mystery Theater she provided with suspects at hand.

The Cast of Characters:

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Scrapbook Memories

As children mature, you will recognize their passion by the twinkle in their eyes. Guidance should be the recognition of their individuality. To nurture their talents allows the future wonderful changes. To recognize their voices will give them the confidence of expression. To blend these creates a new world with continuity from old to new. 

Transitions require a combination of a constant steadfast pace mixed with quick paced and ever changing ideas. Releasing the reigns of control allow the children the freedom to explore their passions. It’s part of the transitioning. Oh, we all fly, we all fall and we all pick ourselves up and start over. Kind of like the Wright Brothers! Dreams and visions are designed, processed, actuated and reviewed for success this way.

It’s all about teamwork. Families, as all great teams, flourish when their collective talents are recognized, strengths made known, acted upon and goals set. These goals can be both individual and a group plan.

Take these plans and bring them forth into the world. These are the stories we wish to share with our grandchildren. These are the stories to be shared with future generations; trials, errors, successes and finally the sharing. They go from the home, to schools, to society and are carried forward to the future.

Don’t forget to take some pictures for the scrapbook. Say ‘cheese’!


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Contemplation of the Complex

I recently read a quote that said…and I paraphrase…”Only God can create a flower”. The thought occurred to me that if God alone creates a flower, imagine how much thought He placed in us. If it is recommended that we stop to smell the flowers as often as possible, then imagine how much interaction He expects from us with each other.

Look about and notice all the wonders of the world whether it be literature, education, architecture, science, math, and art and think of the wonderful creative mind given to us to enable these endeavors. None of these things are ever done alone. We had to be taught as children to think and develop our talents. All these creations took a collective of people to come together in one mind and cause to finish any singular accomplishment.

We as a people are elaborate and multifaceted. It takes all of us to create our world for we do not exist in it in secluded little pockets. We blend. We expand, explore and develop. The more adventurous of us may travel while the others may keep the home fires burning. As the adventurers travel and return home, their stories expand the minds of those who hear them. Communities and cultures intermingle. Ideas are shared and interspersed in all the peoples.

For if only God can create a flower, did He not create the seeds to be spread? Do not the seeds of humanity spread and flourish in a similar fashion when nurtured? Indeed they do.


Saturday, January 28, 2012


The month of January is National Mentoring Month. There is no more honorable action in life than that of helping another.

This month review your life and consider all the people that have made an impact on you. In some way they have mentored you a little or a lot. They have inspired you, led you, taken your hand, taught you and possibly let you cry on their shoulder.

If you don’t have a mentor, get one. Find a person you admire and get closer. If that doesn’t fit into your life right now, get a good book, a biography, a book of quotes to inspire you daily. We all need to have our spirits bolstered from time to time and daily quotes are always welcome.

Now, if you’re blessed in your life, perhaps you can mentor someone else. Don’t worry about what you have to offer another. Sometimes the best thing you can do is lend an ear. Everyone wants to have their story heard. Just listening to another validates their experiences. Telling your story to them in return lets the two of you realize that we all have a story to be told and we all have obstacles to overcome. This sharing shows connectivity. This sharing inspires to rise above.

As you become comfortable with mentoring someone, please consider making it a regular routine in your life…be it a commitment to one person or helping many as often as possible. If you don’t find the mentoring opportunity that strikes a chord with you in your hometown, please find a link to find or start a service in your locale.

“It is in service to each other that we set ourselves free.” King Arthur


Friday, January 27, 2012

Finding Stillness

Stillness is a state of mind. You may find a place of quiet in hope of stillness, but the mind dictates. If you bring chaos to the place of quiet you will remain in chaos. If you do not find comfort there you make pick yourself up and move on to another place of solitude. Chances are the chaos will follow you here too.

So, where to find the stillness? The stillness must be found within. You must dust off the cobwebs of the mind and calm the emotions attached. This is when you will find the stillness. The stillness lies in forgiveness, acceptance, objectivity, fairness, seeking God in each individual and acknowledging that we are all made of God’s goodness and love in spite of our superficial outer appearances. For each of us is a unique individual and with just shy of seven billion strong and no two exactly alike in all ways, we must find room for each other worldwide.

It’s great to be able to find a quiet place to help you find your stillness. It doesn’t always happen that way. When you find your God connection within, your stillness will present itself to you. You will even be able to find your stillness in a crowd. In a crowd, your God-self will recognize the God-self of the person next to you whether they are in a place of quiet or not.

 He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; 

 I will be exalted among the nations, 
 I will be exalted in the earth.”

 Psalm 46:10

This is the importance of your stillness because in finding it you will know that God is everywhere and in all things.


Thursday, January 26, 2012


“Look at me, I am living proof.” As the song states…there have been tough times and I made it through them. I am stronger and better for it and will not be stopped.

The miracle of the many difficult times is your determination to rise above. Look within to find the miracles of your life for the miracles you find are the ones you create.

At difficult times did you laugh at adversity, lend a helping hand to one in need, accept help offered graciously when you were down? For these are the threads of our tapestry of life. As we weave our life through the days and years the actual miracles are the interactions with others. If you feel that any moment of your life was not a miracle, perhaps there was something missing. Should a similar situation arise, can you improve upon it based on the lessons learnt from the past? Then, this would be your new miracle.

Miracles to not *POP* in front of you. They happen because of you! Be the miracle.


Mary J. Blige: from “The Help”

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We all want something. We may want many things. Wanting things can represent change. Change is a good thing. It enables us to look forward to good things, new things, events, time alone to renew or time with family and friends. There’s nothing wrong with wanting these things. However, ‘wanting’ can get overwhelming at times. When this happens, wanting has become a problem. There is a conflict somewhere in your life or those you interact with. To resolve the conflict you must simplify.

What "want" can you forego that will simplify your life? Make that mental shift today.*
Prioritize your ‘wants’. Make a mental note of what comes to mind first…then second, etc. Is a ‘want’ a ‘must have’. Is it a necessity? Is it for the greater good of your life or is it a burden in disguise? All that glitters is not gold. As soon as you understand how the ‘want’ detracts from your highest and best interests, you can address it and change your circumstances of burden. Perhaps the timing of your ‘want’ is just not in the right moment. A delay in timing through your prioritizing may be what is in order or maybe it should be dropped from your agenda. Only you can decide what is needed to ease your mind and conflicts.

A special ’Thank-You’ to Linda for sending the inspirational quote above.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Get Juiced!

It’s time to go natural. Winter is the time to prepare for spring. Why go into hibernation? We can get ready for the warmer weather NOW! As a matter of fact, in spite of the two snowfalls this past week, we are already into fifty degree temperatures again. Think spring!

One way to prepare is by ‘juicing’ into the next season. Grab some of the recipes in the links below, dust off your blender or juicer and get the most from your fruits and veggies. Detoxing is a snap with a super juiced breakfast or snack. It’s easy. Try changing one meal or snack a day with juices. Feel the energy surge!

Now that you’re juiced, don’t just sit there. Shake things up a bit!


Monday, January 23, 2012


If you could choose one word to guarantee cohesion in life, what would it be? I choose ‘harmony’.

Harmony is the bringing together and keeping together of things that choose to be together. It can bring together family, friends, animals, nature, community, ideas  and voices. It flows between all things in the world and universe and gives these things the ‘glue’ to stick together. Just as one voice can sing and two can blend, three create a harmony. The same holds true for people and places. As the harmony of one flows like a river or a breeze, it can travel and spread to the others you come across.

When you travel, know who you travel with…yourself. Be sure to know yourself and show others your beauty within. This interaction of truth, the exchange of beauty, creates harmony.

“Beauty is being in harmony with what you are.” Peter Nivio Zarlenga


In Perfect Harmony: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jr9hPbYmBo



New England Patriots

AFC Champs

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Noble Hearts

There is a place where noble hearts meet to create their new reality. This place allows transparency of the physical obstacles that are so obvious to most but not concrete to all. Beyond the obstacles lie the possibilities of all. With possibilities lie promise and the talent to transcend obstacles of any and all natures.

Imagination from your true self is the missing variable to the equation at hand. As the varying variables make their presence known, the prospects present themselves with many delightful outcomes.

Encouragement of the imagination also takes many forms for it is not always instantaneous. Daylight is needed for daydreams and the evening mist welcomes the moonlight’s whimsy. Dancing through the moss of the woods encourages the inspiration from nature. Gazing upward towards the sky through the busy city towers will allow interaction with the clouds and their shapes. Whistling with the wind as it rustles through your hair may make the answer light and breezy. A daring dive from the rocks into the ocean can simulate flight and a bold approach to the answer you seek. With each variable from each person is a new possibility when working collectively.

There is only one place I know of where noble hearts can meet for it is here alone that they are one with the universe. It is unique in its making as it is composed of all elements; but, not at all times, for timing is everything. When the time is right the ocean’s surf roars into the earth’s shore mingling with the air where it froths from its tumbling. As this composite meets the fire from the sky’s light it creates a rainbow’s prism. Tangible it is for the eyes and imagination to grasp, yet elusive and momentary…for this is where possibilities lie. This is where change is born to transform.

As the spray pilots its way into the air, the prism breaks into crystals. Your ears get wind of the waves’ voices. Morphing into a lighted symphony, particles come back to kiss your face. Contact! Inspiration! Awakening! The heart comes alive! In an instant all is made clear. Obstacles are removed.  One variable springs forth to take the lead of the possibilities. This one answer completes the equation. The best answer enters to create the noble heart.

As the noble heart completed its mission it remembered that there were so many more questions to be answered. This noble heart was not alone in its earlier confusion. With this new clarity, it understood it needed to share its wealth. “Do you want change?” it would ask. “Simplicity?” “A new reality?” “Follow me…I know the way!”

Soon there was a new commonality assembled on the beach. There was singing, dancing and running through the waves. Young and old alike were exchanging ideas. Hearts were renewed with each moment shared. The new reality created began to flourish. Each created their variables to communal issues. Obstacles dissolved. Question by question was answered as priorities were made. Together they made a better world. Transcendence!

Perhaps I’ll run into you on the beach some day!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Greatest Of These Is Love

 11 When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. 1 Corinthians 13:11

We are meant to progress in thoughts and actions as we experience life. What was a worry in grade 1 is no longer a worry in grade 5 and is seldom a concern in high school. With luck, we can take the negative emotions that were a burden and toss them away as the childish views no longer apply.

This progression of thought is natural, for even our thoughts change to accompany the circumstances presented to us. Hopefully the most rewarding experiences will allow the best memories to surface. Maturity gives us perspective. Reflection teaches us the lessons.

One of my favorite expressions is “life is a test”. Life tests us constantly. This is where our axioms of faith, hope and love come in to play. Faith holds our beliefs. Hope gives us the ability to trust the unknown. Love overcomes all things in all ways. As we mature, these axioms should evolve to meet our improved beliefs to incorporate the greater realm of our expanding world.

Love, which is ever expanding like the light of a candle, will grow to meet its demands. Love, like the waves of the ocean are ever flowing to all who choose to embrace it. Love, like the wings of a dove will always soar to the highest level for those who choose to think the greatest thoughts.

 13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

Love never fails if we believe and hope in it. It will last all ages.


Friday, January 20, 2012

In Memoriam

It is so sad to see another classmate pass.
 Today, our classmate and friend Walter "Vinny" Campbell passed away.

Our prayers are with you, your family and friends.

Online Condolences Guest Book:

Haiku: Grief

Who Are You?


Confirming Self Image. Do you know who you are or are you defined by what you do? So often we become what society dictates. In turn we define ourselves by the status quo. Do you have a list of dos and don’ts by which you judge yourself? Do you stick with family traditions and appease parents with conflicting points of view while on your personal journey? Do you in turn pass these beliefs on to your children? Do you in turn question what the heck you’re doing with your life?

Wow! What a lot of questions. Is it time to reinvent yourself? Find the thing that you like best about yourself and nourish its growth. Then find the next thing you like. Explore all possibilities with yourself and expand these niceties with friends, family, co-workers and strangers alike. Do the qualities you like about yourself reflect back to you through those you interact with? If so, BRAVO!

Children are a wonderful barometer of reflection. Friends too. Finding yourself will be easiest with those you are closest to. They usually allow you your greatest freedom. Self-expression, self-discovery and creativity will reflect and flourish in those that have like interests. These people will support you in all ways as they see your inner light shine. As you shine, you also inspire in others.

C…change…don’t be afraid of it
S…shine…let yourself glow
I…invent…without outside influences

This will be the you you’ve been waiting to meet!


Crosby, Stills and Nash:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztVaqZajq-I

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Letting Your Hair Down

To be yourself is a wonderful fortune. To be completely relaxed and uninhibited around others is not just fun, it’s a compliment to those surrounding you. It tells them ‘thanks’ for accepting me just as I am. 
I can joke, speak my mind, belly laugh, eat, sing and dance without restrictions and judgment. With the closest of friends and family, this can be commonplace. BUT…do you do this in public?

There are some free spirits in this world that can behave with wild abandon in public. Isn’t it nice that they are that comfortable not just in the skin that they are in, but in their surroundings as well. Again, it’s a compliment to the people, time, place and space that they are sharing the moment with. Someone may look and think that they are on a fun vacation or special occasion…something concocted…a singular moment. It could just be their journey through life. Maybe they celebrate every day this way…like they’re part of the parade instead of watching one pass by.

I still believe that fun and laughter is contagious. Sharing it with those surrounding you is a wonderful gift…whether you know them personally or not!

The link below is from the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Before the show begins, the audience is invited to dance. The videos of this participation are available on her website. The most recent is of sisters having what looks like the time of their lives. They were a big hit to Ellen and the audience; strangers now friends, new friends to internet celebrities! Fun spirits for the moment. You go girls!



Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Peace Gardens

I had a friend who had a pocketful of black-eyed pea seeds in his pocket wherever he went.  I caught him poking the earth in a public planter one day and sticking in a seed. He showed me his ‘stash’ of black-eyed peas from his pocket and explained that he liked to make things grow. Later in the summer he would come by to see if it took root. This he said with a very wry smile as if he was daring Mother Nature to refuse his efforts of love. I’ll always compare him to our own Johnny Appleseed, planting apple seeds and orchards across America.

Sowing the seeds of love and peace is a dauntless task. It seldom takes the first try. Lessons must be learnt, the elements analyzed and weather cooperative. There’s always follow up to your efforts to see fruition.

To distribute peace, we must first know peace. Many people seek to find their calm by visiting nature. There is a harmony that can’t be denied when sitting in a forest or nurturing a garden. If you can’t find one, create one. Create it in whatever way or manner given you to find your peace. Don’t get overwhelmed thinking you must run to your local nursery with a charge card in hand to buy all your supplies. Start small…a bud vase in your car works wonders. Try flowers on your desk. A sticker on your backpack makes a great statement. A wry smile on your face, because of these items, makes a difference in your life.

Pope John Paul II started International Peace Gardens to remind us that we must be diligent in the cause of peace. The USA and Canada share a Peace  Garden celebrating the longest unfortified border between two countries in the world.  Additional sites are listed below for varying peace gardens; some are for meditations and some are for growing produce for communities. All have in common the vision for peace for the future and the spiritual growth of humanity.



Non-Profit Peace Garden Resource: http://www.worldpeacegardens.org/index.htm

Muhammad Ali Peace Garden: http://www.mypeacegarden.com/

International Peace Garden: http://www.internationalpeacegardens.org/

Tears For Fears; Sowing the Seeds of Love: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbvxALFWvHs

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Rainbow on Your Plate

Do you have reservations about your resolutions for the New Year? Like so many, have you been thinking about a dietary plan to help you through 2012? Diet and exercise seems to get to the top of the list so often. Instead of a diet, please consider a new lifestyle of nutrients.

Included are two sites listing foods for detoxing and antioxidant content. The general rule of thumb is the brighter the color, the greater the nutritional value. The simplest train of thought would be to place
a rainbow of food
on your plate as often as possible. Fresh fruits, vegetables and berries usually carry the greatest nutrients. Some produce maintain the nutritional value in cooking. Check out your favorites and make them a regular in your lifestyle.

Happy produce to you!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Turn, Turn, Turn

“For everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.” Ecc: 3

In nature there is a perfect balance. In order to see it we must be still. You see, we move too fast to observe it. Nature has a steady course. We can easily disturb the balance. It is us that must observe and follow its lead.

If we move quickly and turn our heads, we may miss the daily miracles we take for granted by calling it ‘nature’. Slow down and observe or read an article as it may fit into your schedule and better appreciate all that participates in the world around you that’s seldom acknowledged.  Too busy to stop? When driving about or on public transportation…better yet taking a walk when possible, look and listen. The birds continue their song and the squirrels continue their perpetual hunt…all in a day’s work for them. To notice them is enough. They are at peace with their world.


Top Ten Animal Workaholics:

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Rosemary

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Hot Flashes!

There’s a fine line between hot flashes and flashbacks at our age. What our grey matter has forgotten, photography has remembered…that is…providing we remember where we put the pictures!

As a tribute to our friendship over the many years, I’m posting photos of what we ‘fairies’ have shared in our lives beyond St. Mary School days.

Please check out your new page "Hot Flashes". Dig out the old boxes of photos and send in all that there is to share! This is just the beginning!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Get Ready For Romance!

There’s one month to prepare for Valentine’s Day. Traditionally we think of chocolates, candy hearts, flowers and personal gifts…influenced by the marketing of commercials on TV. Maybe you’re already thinking of this romantic holiday…maybe not. The big question is…”are you ready for it?”

The reason I bring this up is we SMFs have had any number of discussions about Feng Shui when we are together. Talking about our homes, decorations and accessories manage to get into the conversations often. The subjects of colors, mirror placement and house plants usually creep into the chat as well as we sip some chamomile tea.

The following article reviews the Feng Shui of romance. You need to take your positive attitude and apply it to be the physical reflection of your intention. It explains the need to remove clutter, place beautiful objects in view, add a house plant and find colors that work with your personal vibe. It’s all practical advice for being the best you can be.

I have also found a video primer for Feng Shui at work. If you want to get into the groove of romance, you don’t want your efforts to get stonewalled at the workplace. For those of you that have a desk or cube that can be personalized, go for it! For those of you who don’t have this luxury, all the more reason to make the home front calm and relaxing in every way possible.

How many times have you been told to ‘find your happy place’ when you are stressed? Why not make your ‘happy place’ your home.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Accentuate The Positive

So, how’s the New Year going so far? Rather than making resolutions, I like to think positive. I found a great article on “50 Things to Appreciate“ in the upcoming year. Some of the thoughts are simple, others more complex. All are great things to ponder. The article even suggests that you add your own thoughts to the list.

Every day has its ups and downs, but to focus on the good that happens and let the other stuff roll off your back is the best way to go.

“Don't waste yourself in rejection, nor bark against the bad, but chant the beauty of the good.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

What’s the high point of your day today? Aim for that to be the low point of your tomorrow.

Have a great day! J


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Flying Cool

Yeah, I’m cool! Well, at least I like to think so. The true test of ‘cool’ is going with the flow. Have you ever been in a situation unknown and didn’t know where it would go? I’m not talking anything too dramatic, but a bit out of your comfort zone. Who hasn’t?

Well, I found this cool video on line. You’ll notice when watching that the people up front don’t know what’s going to happen…yet they are on a plane…and can’t leave! Comfort is NOT written on their faces. As the flight attendant gives his spiel, you’ll notice the difference, especially for those involved in the group participation. At the end…smiling faces and applause!


This attendant is not just doing his job but taking the extra step to invite the passengers into his comfort and fun zone. It’s just another way of reaching out to people. I know I never had him for a flight attendant before. I’d remember. I’m sure these people will never forget him.



Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Creating Community

Creating a community is a state of mind. We are microcosms of the greater macrocosm. We all contribute to each other one day at a time. Sometimes we as individuals become complacent and need a catalyst to kick things up a notch, both as individuals and a community.

You may have seen this video on the TV news, but I recently found it on You Tube. It’s a wonderful creative response from a city for the people of that city put too music, to celebrate themselves as a community. The catalyst was:

“This video was created as an official response to the Newsweek article calling Grand Rapids a "dying city." We disagreed strongly, and wanted to create a video that encompasses the passion and energy we all feel is growing exponentially, in this great city. - Rob Bliss, Director & Executive Producer”

I say ‘hats off to you’ for such a unique communal celebration. It’s a lip-dub of 5000 citizens singing and dancing through the streets of Grand Rapids to Don McLean’s "American Pie". The viewing on You Tube is over four million strong to date. It seems they are not alone in their celebration. As I surfed through You Tube some more, I found another great lip-dub celebrating a city. This time it was from Mount Pleasant, MI. I can only speculate that the Grand Rapids video may have inspired the more recent video from Mount Pleasant. Both are great and both are recent from Michigan. Coincidence? I think that the community feeling is contagious. These people will not be overlooked and pigeonholed. Good for them. Please review the following videos, both a celebration.

As I continued my search, I thought I’d keep it local…the greater Boston area. There were a number of them to view, but I chose the following three from local schools…two colleges and the high school from our neighboring town. All three are full of fun and life, as they commemorate their lives, communities and schools. Singing and dancing in the streets seems to be the way to go!

Suffolk University, Boston: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75XPEq6aH4k

Sharon HS, Sharon MA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqVDEbOB3Ug                   

Emerson College, Boston/ Kasteel Well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0-ef9sLYg8

What have you got to sing about? Share it and see what happens!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It is said that there is no greater medicine than laughter. To find light in any given situation will definitely ease the burdens of the sorrow attached. The heaviness of a given situation may have to play out its solemn course for life has such moments as a part of our lives. As the solemn moments pass, we will find a time to reflect and this will allow us to find the best shards to piece together the picture of our wall of life. The greatest parts to be remembered will rise to the surface in time and be made obvious to us regarding the parts that they played to each of us. The smiles will return and the laughter will restore the humor attached to the memories our life as the occasions arise.

There are many reasons to gather together, but laughter wins out in the end. As we SMFs plan our get-togethers, we are assured that the intent is food, fun and laughter…and not necessarily in that order! The planning and emailing for preparation is fun. The various themed parties are also fun in the making. Recipes shared also keep the fun going. The pieces of many all come together to complete the one. As we talk we remember and share, all with a different perspective and flavor, the single most fun times we can recollect. We laugh and relive through the years all that time has given us to share. And the laughter restores our souls, makes us feel young again in mind and gives our heart wings to continue forward in a like fashion.

This we have done for over the fifty years. I’m planning on doing the same in the next fifty!


Yes, we do look on the bright side of life, for life is what you make it!