Monday, January 28, 2013

Variegated Color Shawl

I have added another infinity scarf to the ‘Prayer Shawl’ page. This one is in a variegated color yarn. I thought you might wish to see a variation on this pattern.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Prayer Shawl Update

Today I have added a Prayer Shawl Page for reference to our new ministry. Our previous sites have been added for quick reference. I have also updated the Infinity Scarf page with instructions and illustrations.

May God bless for our new ministry.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Holiday Gathering

Cathy, Donna & Linda
Rosie & Cathy
Patti, Rosemary & Sue

I’ve just received these photos from Michele from our impromptu holiday gathering in Dec.

Thank you Michele.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Fleece Prayer Shawl

I have made a third prayer shawl from fleece. This is designed for those who wish to contribute but have little time, a big heart and not having the knitting & crocheting skills yet for the two previous shawls.

This shawl is made from ½ yard of fleece: cut size is 18” x 60”
The ends are bent back 3/8” and whipstitched at ½” spacing using a medium weight yarn and an embroidery needle.

There are so many beautiful fleece designs on the market right now. A small amount of contrasting thread for the edge will make any fleece into a beautiful prayer shawl. If you do not have a fabric store readily available to you, I suggest buying any of the fleece throws from your local department store or chain stores. Find a pretty color or pattern and cut them to the size shawl you wish. Add a border and you are done.



Sunday, January 20, 2013

Infinity Prayer Shawl

Infinity Prayer Shawl

This is my most recent shawl. The crochet design is based on the previous one but with a larger hook. The ends are joined in the back and the front drape has a twist in it. I like it because it will stay on your shoulders to allow your hands to be free. It is also large enough to be worn as a cowl on your head or double-wrapped around your neck for warmth.


Infinity Shawl Pattern

I like this pattern because it uses 1 5 oz. skein of yarn and it’s fast and simple to make. Because it sits on your shoulders, it allows your hands to be free for multi-tasking!

1 5 oz. skein of med. weight yarn
Size N crochet hook
Gauge is not important. The dimensions before closing is 60” x 12”

Chain stitch 34.
Turn and chain stitch 4. This becomes your 1st double crochet at each end.
Double crochet and chain stitch into alternating spaces for a total of 18 double crochet and 17 spaces.
Continue this lattice pattern for the length of 60”.

When you have completed the length of 60”, fold ends together, twist the shawl once at one end, and then slip stich ends together. This may be done with a crochet hook or with an embroidery needle. The shawl will have a beautiful drape at the center. It may also be doubled up for a neck scarf.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Completed Prayer Shawl

My first prayer shawl is complete. It is made in double crochet for the end borders and alternating double crochet with spaces throughout. It measures 15” x 55” when complete which is a standard shawl size.

I do have two more projects in work and will update you when complete.

Happy Crafting!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winterized Girls With Tools

As I reflect our summer with sanding and painting projects, I realize that we have merely exchanged our summer tools for winter tools. Away go the paint, brushes and sprayer and out come the snow shovels, scrapers and rock salt. It’s just a change of season. We are prepared afterall.

We are prepared with our parkas, hats, gloves, boots and scarves for full assault on the elements at hand. A momentary conflict passes as we pause to admire the beauty, camera in hand for a quick shot of nature as we march forward armed with the tools of winter. The snow is moved, the car is scraped and the ugly ice at the end of the driveway by way of the snow plow is in for a surprise. Attack is eminent on this boundary to our freedom of the streets.

For our lives in New England are well-seasoned. We are prepared for all that Mother Nature can send our way. So far this winter, we have been blessed with mild weather. Today’s snow is a reminder to us that winter does always show up. Our shovels in hand are a reminder that we are ready at all times.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Delicate Balance

Today’s snow fell softly
A white blanket
Each flake apparent
To the eye
Delicately balanced
Displaying its beauty
To the world


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Rosemary

Wishing you a 
Happy Birthday
and 'fairy hugs' all year through!


I had much time to myself yesterday and was fortunate to complete my prayer shawl last evening. These come as words of encouragement to you. It did take about ten hours to complete total. As soon as I have blocked the shawl, I’ll take a picture.

As we gather our information for the prayer shawls, plan on how you wish to go forward with our projects and ministry. Do we wish to gather and make them together? Continue on our own and come together to deliver the shawls? Has a single donation center been decided upon? These are our questions at hand right now.

Happy crafting!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Gift Of Love

We collectively decided at the end of last year to start our own ‘Prayer Shawl Ministry’. Now, with the holidays behind us and as we settle into the New Year, our emails are reinforcing our commitment to our ministry. I have been following the ads, and there are many, for the sale of yarn. Patterns for Prayer Shawls are abundant for both knitting and crocheting. Many of the yarn companies offer free patterns in the stores for these projects. We may also follow the sales for fleecy fabrics for sewing a shawl. Our options are abundant.
I have chosen my first design and purchased my first skein of yarn. A Pattern has also been submitted by Rosemary. Patti is eagerly waiting another pattern. I am also looking forward to this lovely design that drapes so beautifully over the shoulders.
The following stores carry a wide selection of yarn. Weekly discount coupons are usually available online as well as the coupons in the weekly flyers. If you sign up online with these websites, the coupons and the weekly flyers will come directly to you for your convenience.
Please save even the smallest amount of yarn as I have found some patterns for striped Prayer Shawls that can use up our smallest quantities. I have also found books in the yarn/craft stores specifically for Prayer Shawl patterns.
Here is a special prayer written that you may pray as you make this shawl:

Lord, as I pick up my crochet hook or knitting needles
and yarn, Thank You for this talent that you blessed
me with, to help those in need. Bless those who had a
hand in making these supplies that I am about to use
in the projects that crochet or knit today. If the
yarn was donated, Bless the person whom donated it to
me. Bless the person that this project is going to,
as you know their needs. 


Friday, January 11, 2013

Angel Aspirations

Is it just in winter we seek their solace
We lay at their feet in play
In play do we find prayer
For it is said that laughter is the language of angels
Do they play with us in return
Do we hear the sudden sigh
Is it their laughter we receive
Amidst the azure sky
Carpeted in white we lie
Or is it their embrace
The kiss of snowflakes
To warm us on the cold winter days
For the act of making snow angels
Is not limited to the young
Nor to the young at heart
For it is in each breath we take
Throughout our lives
Only most obvious in winter’s snow


Thursday, January 10, 2013