Tuesday, March 12, 2013

…and March Roars

February passed with winter’s fury. Three storms later and with daylight savings time in place, we are regrouping for spring. As the ice and snow melts in fifty degree weather and the sun lingers just a bit longer on the horizon, we delight at the nearness of spring. Snow days and snowmobiles are soon a thing of the past. Rain is in the forecast…NOT another foot of snow!

We did have a small get-together last weekend for a crochet meeting for our prayer shawls. A small group of five made great progress as we exchanged patterns and crochet tips while clicking away at our shawls. Samples of our wares were displayed as we compared our progress. Emails are flowing as we double-check our work and pass questions and answers back and forth.

The next meeting is anticipated in April, after Easter. Let’s hope March and April are kinder to our mission! We shouldn’t have to shovel our way to the mall for more yarn in the next month!

As you complete your shawls, please take a photo and send it along for posting.

Photos, courtesy of our hostess…Patti. Thanks again, Patti.


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Donna said...

in spite of the winter you all look great!