Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Time Traveler

As I sat quietly
The Earth spoke to me
It spoke through a speck of dust
A time traveler
I gazed upon it
Insignificant in size and appearance
Ordinary for sure
Yet, unique…no two specks alike
Not even colorful was it
Yet as I pondered it
I questioned the occasion of our meeting
How is it you came to me today?
By way of the Earth did you set out in ancient time?
A mighty rock or boulder
What is it you have seen?
By way of fire
A molten path from a volcano,
Or Vulcan itself?
By way of the oceans…
You have traversed the seven seas?
What did you see?
What wisdom do you carry with you?
Have you been lifted up to the heavens?
Ridden on an eagle’s wing?
Or a castaway in the rhythm of the wind?
Has this mighty wind brought you here today to speak to me?
Or do we just commune
Akin to each other
On this our journey
Sharing the moment?
“I’ll tell you my story if you tell me yours, I thought!”
“Fair enough!” the speck replied.
I sat amazed and intrigued
What could this speck possibly expound?
I began in greatness, a speck in the vast universe
I have taken many forms as you have speck-u-lated!
I have travelled many firmaments
Travelled light and dark alike
Elementally speaking, I have seen it all
Earth, air, fire and water are all known to me
But it is my ‘spirit’ within the universe that brings me here today
I say this to you…
‘You are on the right path’
You are perfect in all ways
The questions you have are meant to be asked
The doubt that you have is meant to be examined
Your curiosity will drive you to the answers that you seek
Once sought and answered, you will find your peace
You are as you were created
A ‘seeker’
One with the divine
One with the universe
Finding your place in this world at this time
I am a humble messenger
Travelling through time
A speck left from the tumble weed I once was
Then speeding at a steadier pace
Now slower, yet not done with my experience of this my life
I tell you this
I gather your questions and your quest for this communion with me
And I will carry this with me forever
I will extoll your tale of ‘us’ to the universe
Of your awareness of our oneness
We will be timeless
We will be forever
As we are now we will always be
Never to part, yet when parted, connected
I feel the elements readying me for the next steps of my journey
The wind stirs
The rain swells in the clouds
I shall be carried forth soon
I bid you well
Peace my fellow traveler
Namaste, my new and forever friend


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