Prayer Shawl

As requested, we have started our ‘prayer shawl’ devotional page.
I am listing the patterns and sites requested and recommended for our reference.
Large Prayer Shawl

Infinity Shawl

Variegated Color Yarn
Variegated Detail

Fleece Shawl

Fleece shawl: 

Our blog pages for reference:

Illustrated crochet instructions online:

Free download crochet e-book:

Download the Guide to Free Crochet Patterns eBook

Here is a special prayer written that you may pray as you make this shawl:

Lord, as I pick up my crochet hook or knitting needles
and yarn, Thank You for this talent that you blessed
me with, to help those in need. Bless those who had a
hand in making these supplies that I am about to use
in the projects that crochet or knit today. If the
yarn was donated, Bless the person whom donated it to
me. Bless the person that this project is going to,
as you know their needs. 


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