Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rumors of Crocus

This past month, I can recall too many times staring out the windows…the inside looking out…housebound…watching the snow fly… then watching the rainfall compact and compress the snow into mini-glaciers…then watching the mini-icebergs float down the street. These moments of semi-wonderment (repeated from year to year) were only replaced by today’s greater surprise …all of it disappearing overnight in the rain. WOW! what do my wondering eyes appear…NO SNOW!!! Thank you Mother Nature.

I heard in our last group conversation, ‘rumors of crocus’. (Sigh!) How nice. I’ve had my eyes peered to the heavens, rather to the tree tops, looking for signs of spring. There are some very ambitious trees in the sunniest areas with buds ready to burst with the most recent snow fall not deterring their lofty spring dreams. As I spied the yard today I too noticed the buds on the quince bush. The azalea is not quite there, but soon to follow I’m sure. Two days in a row of fifty-degree weather does give rise to the human spirit in this muddy month of March. With a prayer to St. Patrick in this his week, may we please have the ‘Luck-o’-the Irish’ for a green spring here to stay… beginning right away!


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